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2020/10/09 08:30:00


Dear friends and colleagues, Welcome to Athens!

The local organizing committee is delighted to host you next year in Athens, Greece.
With honour and pleasure we invite you to the “Creativity and Social Responsibility” – The 10th Conference of the European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy.

The topic of conference is inspired of how creativity is part of our integrative psychotherapy process. As we being in the healing professions can be very rewarding, but it can also be exhausting and draining. We give so much to others and are often faced with difficult stories and situations, leading to burn out and compassion fatique. In giving so much to others, most healing professionals do not prioritize their own self-care. But self-care is essential if we want to be able to continue helping others, as well as have lives of passion, joy, fulfillment and self-actualization.

In addition, our psychotherapeutic work is not in vacuum. Our psychotherapeutic work is influenced by a social, political, ecological, and economic context. Or even a philosophical dimension? We do have to recognize the impact of the political dimension on the client-therapist relationship; developing ideas about how social, economic, political, ecological and cultural issues can be integrated into theory and practice, Identifying and challenging adverse discrimination at all levels within and beyond our profession, generating action, launching campaigns, and seeking to influence political processes.

With the above questions and perhaps many more, we expect a three day conference to answer questions, to introduce new approaches, to develop panels discussing similar topics from different angles, to offer experiential workshops for making theory direct practice, etc.

A conference open to a dialogue between different approaches ranging from art to dreams, from philosophy to qualitative research, relational approaches and how they influence our decisions as therapists.

How leading psychotherapists and practitioners can see as the gain of psychotherapy integration in current psychotherapy practice, research and training.
The conference will take place in the Amalia hotel, downtown Syntagma square, close by the parliament, Acropolis, and other historic places of the city of Athens. The location of the conference is an opportunity for a rich social programme.
We cordially invite you and hope to see you at the Conference in the beautiful and historic city of Athens.

For the local organizing committee
Dr Panos Asimakis
Former president, EAIP,
Director, Athens Synthesis Centre

PANELS / SYMPOSIA (75 minutes)

A panel/symposium is a formal presentation that ideally includes 3 presenters and 1 discussant, leaving time for audience participation. Each panel must have a moderator who will introduce the presenters and topics, monitor time allotments, and guide audience participation.

MINI-WORKSHOPS (75 minutes)

Mini-workshops are designed primarily for practitioner audiences and focus on skill development or experiential involvement. Preference will be given to workshops that include multiple presenters. A workshop “summary sheet” (overview of the topic) and handouts (if applicable) should be available to participants.

A pointed focus is desirable due to the short nature of these workshops. Only a limited number of mini-workshops will be possible during the conference. Due to the fact that mini-workshops are the most competitive format, and the vast majority will not be accepted, we strongly encourage anyone submitting a mini-workshop to consider submitting other types of presentations as well.


This category includes research, theoretical, and clinical papers that are not part of a panel/symposium. The program committee will form accepted papers into panels.

However, we strongly recommend that instead of submitting individual papers, you try to create a panel yourself by seeking out other people doing similar work and recruiting a discussant. The likelihood of acceptance is higher for panels than for individual papers.


Posters are graphic representations of the results of studies or tools to help in decision-making. Interested attendees have one-on-one discussions with the presenter whose work is displayed. Poster dimensions should approximate 91 x 122 cm.

Many attendees appreciate receiving a handout that summarizes a poster’s findings.


Pre-conference workshops are scheduled the morning of the first day of the conference to allow participants to learn about a particular approach in more depth. Preference will be given to pre-conference workshops that include multiple presenters. Only three pre-conference workshops will be accepted.


1Oth EAIP Conference, Athens, Greece

Day 1

October 9th 2020

Day 2

October 10th 2020

Day 3

October 11th 2020

for Submissions

from November 1st 2019
to April 30th 2020

Registration Opens

December 1st 2019

for Submission
of Abstracts

April 30th 2020

of Acceptance

June 30th 2020

Deadline for
Early Registration

June 15th 2020

Amalia Hotel
Leoforos Vasilisis Amalias 10
105 57, Athens
210 3233377

*There are special rates for in advance registration with reservation department directly with the hotel (Monday-Friday 09.99-17.00) You have to refer to code EAIP2020.

Classic single room – 130.00 € including breakfast, taxes and Wi-Fi.
Classic two person room – 160.00 € with breakfast, taxes and Wi-Fi.
Residence Tax is not included = 3€ per day and room.

You need to have your credit card ready for the confirmation and the payment will be directly with the hotel.

We hope to see you in Athens, 9,10,11 October 2020


Bruno Van den Bosch

EAIP 2020 President and Program Chair

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Panos Asimakis, PhD

EAIP 2020 Chair, Local Organizing Committee

Meetings and Conferences


Athens, Greece, 2020

EAIP Conference


Prague, Czech Republic, 2018

EAIP Conference


Zagreb, Croatia, 2016


Abstract Submission


Abstract Template: The official conference language will be English; all submissions should be made in English. All abstracts are limited to 200 words.

Title of Abstract – We recommend a maximum length of 250 characters.

Do not write the name in capital letters. Do not use abbreviations in the title (1)J. Black, (2)J. Smith, (1)J. Deer BlackJoseph, PhD.
Abstracts should be structured using the following headings:

  • Aim (of your workshop/paper/brief paper)
  • Methods (how you accomplish the aim)
  • Results (what is the contribution of your workshop/paper/brief paper)
  • Discussion

The maximum size of the enclosed abstract is 5 megabytes

*The prerequisite for Abstracts Submission is the Registration in the Conference.